Hi! I'm Kirsty, the creator of Candles with Kindness. I’m a Mum of two and started this business mid-2021 as a way to share my creativity with others and show my children that anything you dream of doing can become reality.

Ever since I was child I’ve always been mesmerised by candles and how the beautiful glow and scent has the ability to invoke different emotions and memories. I love how each candle creates a relaxing ambiance and how they are a way to self-care and mindfulness. 

When you gift a candle to yourself or family and friends, you're truly saying your loved one (and you!) are worthy of self-care; of taking time out for yourself and treating yourself with kindness.

Thank you for supporting my small business. I hope you love these candles and products as much as I have loved creating them for you.

Please reach out with any questions or comments – I’d love to connect with you: hello@candleswithkindness.com.au