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Glow Reed Diffuser

Glow Reed Diffuser

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Self-care is something that each of us deserves and requires, but sometimes time (and money) constraints mean we can’t always indulge in a day-long session at the spa. Not to worry, Glow will help restore you by helping you relax with the scent of goji berries, daisies and apple. A decadent combo of wispy flowers and intoxicating blossoms that is sure to help you unwind and feel zen.

Top: Pink Grapefruit, Goji Berry, Lemon
Middle: Apple & Pear Blossoms, Daisies, Lily
Base: Cyclamen, Musk

Reed diffusers are the perfect way to freshen up a living area without the need for a flame from a candle or electricity from an electric melt warmer. The natural fibre reeds continuously release a clean, pure fragrance throughout your living space.

Each reed diffuser is hand-made in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with kindness and care. Our reed diffusers are vegan friendly and cruelty-free.


-Do not light the diffuser reeds.
-Ensure your reed diffuser is placed out of reach of children and pets.
-Ensure your reed diffuser is in an area where it will not be knocked over.
-If spilt, clean area immediately as the liquid can damage surfaces.
-Keep away from electrical appliances.


Because these reed diffusers are handmade, they may have some imperfections such as: minor discolouration of the fragrance oil, slightly off-centred label or tiny markings on the outside of the bottle etc. These do not impact the quality of the reed diffuser.

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